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Hello, my name is Mike Ford. My wife, Lori, and I own the Rio Rojo Rancho, Inc. It is a hunting ranch in Red River County, Texas. We embarked in the deer breeding industry in 2004 to enhance our own native deer herd. We had good deer, but we wanted really good deer. As novices in the deer breeding business, we reached out to many friends and fellow breeders to find out how, why and when to take care of our deer. After darting deer for 2 years to work on them, we wanted a new and different way to handle our animals.

Along with local breeder and friends at Backwoods Deer Ranch, we developed and refined a chute that would contain our animals allowing us to get our hands on the animals without sedation. We were able to medicate, vaccinate and inseminate our deer. I kept fixing and refining our chute until it was as good as I could make it and it worked.

Later, fellow breeders at White Ghost Ranch and Morani River Ranch approached us about building them a chute. We worked on them for a while and then we were ready for delivery to these 2 top end ranches. As word of mouth traveled through this wonderful industry, more and more ranches approached us asking about building more chutes. After building almost 40 chutes in an 18 month period, we had the chute as well as I could make it. I’m a beat up old quarterback with a degree from SMU, but it was not in engineering.

On a seasonal trip to Las Vegas and the National Finals Rodeo, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting the President of Priefert Manufacturing, Eddie Priefert, after the rodeo one night. The location of Priefert Manufacturing in Mount Pleasant, Texas, is close to me. One day, as I was delivering some equipment, I drove by the Priefert plant and pulled in. One thing led to another and we talked and Nate Priefert asked when they could see this equipment and I told him that I had a chute and an AI box on my trailer outside. After looking and explaining how the chute and AI box worked, he asked when they could see one work first hand and I told them we would be working deer soon and they could come to the ranch and see for themselves. They came up to the ranch and watched us work about 30 does in less than 45 minutes. We were inserting CIDRs and they were all put to work.

The new Priefert Wildlife Equipment can literally be set up in 2-3 hours and be able to work deer that afternoon, provided all alleys and crush equipment is in place. We have now installed equipment from New York to Florida, South Dakota State University and Kansas State University. We have close to 100 installed in Texas, alone! So, go by your neighbor’s deer facility and witness for yourself the most advanced wildlife handling system on the planet. Not only has the Priefert Wildlife Equipment helped revolutionize the industry of whitetail breeding, it is also being used on exotic breeding ranches and has successfully worked over 25 species of animals. The Priefert Wildlife Equipment System is an industry leader no matter what species!

Thank you for your time and interest. Please contact Mike Ford with any questions.

Our Products

Some of our Awesome Products

Deer Chute

We have developed a Deer Chute, to medicate, vaccinate, and inseminate whitetail deer in a safe and secure way, both for animals and humans as well. We have been approached by several breeders to build them a Chute. We feel this chute will allow even the novice handlers to work their deer in a safe and humane atmosphere.

We can help you walk your way through the process of laying out your facility in a way that would benefit any breeder anywhere. Our Chute can be worked by the novice all the way to the expert at handling animals. It has four working parts, and all of them can be operated by one finger. Do not laugh at me until you see this Chute in action! My wife, Lori, can work our Chute. Although we do recommend anyone starting out to get experienced help.

Automatic Deer Feeder - ADF1000

The ultimate Wildelife Managment tool for feeding; protien, corn or textured feed. Holds 1,000 #'s of protien and 1,250 #'s of corn. A timer lets you open and close up to 3 different times a day. It is a trough feeder that when it starts to rain, the trough closes. On skids for easy movement. Fills from the ground. Includes a solar panel for battery maintenance.

Deer Creep Feeder - CF-D

A trough feeder for many speacies of animals from Exotics to Native Deer. It holds 750 #'s, fills up from the ground, and on skids for easy movement. When faced Northeast to East it is virtually rain free. Minimizing clean out from heavy rains. Perfect for feeding Does and Fawns in a controlled environment.

Priefert Wildlife Panels - HP 3x12

Used to control non-desirable animals from using feed stations. Helps control Hogs, Javalina, and most Cattle. Allows Bucks, Does, and Fawns to enter and eat undistrubed. Helps to control cost of expensive feed, by only allowing target species to enter area. Controled by Priefert patented pin technology, male on one end, female on the other. You can not lose pins.

12' Long
36" High
Angle Iron Trim/2x4 Mesh Wire Panel
Powder Coated

Polypropylene Plastic Sheets

The Black Plastic / AKA Polypropylene has multiple uses from lining doors, alleys, and catch pens. Used for Whitetail as well as Exotic Animals, UV lined and protected. All sizes available as well as thicknesses.

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What Customers say?

Our Customers love us & so will you!

Our Priefert Wildlife Equipment makes working deer at La Roca Range safe both on the deer and the operator. The visibility is huge, no more bending to look through small holes to read ear tags. We find having the deer at eye level speeds up the process of moving deer through the system. All the doors open, close, and slide very smoothly and can be worked from one side. The chute is a one size fits all design and it restrains all sizes of deer very well. Setting the chute on the fawn latch or big deer latch takes less than a second and is done with your foot. It works every time. We have worked deer in our Priefert system for all work. Weaning fawns, vaccinating does, cutting horns on bucks, as well as all A-I technical work for over two years now with out incident to deer or operator. We want the very best for our deer and their well being, and the Priefert Wildlife System delivers all. The customer service has been outstanding as well.

Stephen Frisina, Wildlife Manager
La Roca Range

At Nooner Whitetails we have a huge breeding operation. Which means we feed a lot of animals. Last year we installed several of the new Priefert Wildlife Feeders in our operation. Our fawns and does eat comfortably out of the trough feeders. Fawns as young as one month old will be standing next to their mother or another doe and eating out of the trough as well. Getting your fawns on pellets as fast as you can, means getting healthier deer in your pasture.

Gene Naquin Ranch Manager
Nooner Whitetails

My name is Carroll Glaser and I own Emma's Crossing Deer Ranch. I built an AI facility in 2013 and Mike Ford installed a Priefert system in my facility. The system was installed very quickly and it works very efficiently.

I have AI'd approximately 28 does each year for the last couple of years. We can AI 28 to 30 does in less than two hours from start to finish. Every time I AI my does, I have serveral people helping and 5 to 8 watching.

Everyone is amazed at how efficient the Priefert system is and how quickly we can get things done. I wish I had had the Priefert System installed years ago.

Carroll W. Glaser Owner
Emma's Crossing Deer Ranch

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